Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Google releases Dart programming language version 2.1

Google has released a minor update to their Dart programming language, version 2.1, focused on improving its overall performance. These improvements have been promised to reach Flutter for its upcoming 1.0 release.

Dart, one of a few programming languages developed by Google, was originally conceived as an alternative language for web developers to compete with JavaScript. While that plan didn’t exactly succeed, Dart has found new life thanks to Flutter, Google’s new cross-platform app development framework, which is still in the “release preview” stage.

In August, Dart landed its major 2.0 update, which brought a whole host of improvements to the language, many of which were designed around accommodating Flutter and its users. Now Dart version 2.1 has hit release, showing further support for Flutter without leaving behind its web development roots.

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