Sunday, November 18, 2018

Google Home Hub is a pretty looking digital picture frame

Google home hub is certainly not the first product to lay claim to the term "hub" but it might be the first product to embody the word so fully. It's not centered around a single use case — like, say, the Facebook Portal is built around video chat — but instead brings together the functionalities of several different products: smart speaker, tablet, digital photo frame, and smart home controller.

The Home Hub is technically in the category of "smart display," but that doesn't capture what it does any better than "smart speaker" describes an Amazon Echo. The Hub is more of an "ambient computing enabler," with some interesting extras that the display bestows.
At first glance, you might think the Home Hub is Google's answer to the Echo Show, and it kind of is, but Google explicitly didn't include a camera on the device. The reasoning here, according to product lead Diya Jolly, is simple: privacy. Since Google wants the Hub to be appropriate for every room in your house — especially the bedroom — it didn't want to even hint that this product could ever be literally watching you.

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